Monday, April 2, 2007

my own space

Break ups suck. There is nothing fun about that. I am so tired. Tired of this process, tired of being stressed. But you know, I have the house to myself. It is clean. It is set up the way I want it. It is home.

I'm still adjusting to being alone more often. Not to sound pathetic - I have friends. I have a life that seems to grow every day. It's just a change.

I am welcoming change. Welcome. I am recognizing the change in all kinds of ways lately. From the new blossoms to the ways I change.

Today was a hard day. I didn't sleep much last night in anticipation of the day. The moving truck came and went, along with all his things. I'm not sure if I am relieved yet. The glass of wine, then beer with dinner (by candlelight) has taken the edge off a bit. So I am off to bed soon with a good book and my good dogs. Class starts tomorrow evening. it's going to be a fun quarter.

Welcome, change.

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  1. *hugs* for the new direction. often these changes bring forth great growth. well done you for being so brave to take those first steps. fear keeps most people unhappy.