Thursday, June 19, 2008

Date night, farewell and other random stuff

Tonight we are heading up to Seattle to see the Fratellis. This is a long overdue date…We had tickets to see them over a year ago and they cancelled at the last minute. At the time, they weren’t the headliners, so we couldn’t get a refund on our ticket. It turned out that we really enjoyed the two other bands that we saw that night – BRMC & the Black Angels. But the Fratellis are the first band that Dave and I found together. We are lucky to have similar music taste! So, this is kind of a special concert for us. It will be a long night as the concert doesn’t start until 9pm (and we have to work tomorrow), but we are really looking forward to it!

Our good friends, Doug & Shelly (and baby Harper) have moved out of town. I drove the girls to the airport on Tuesday morning – Doug had left a few weeks earlier to start work. We miss you already! Things just won’t be the same around here without them. But we wish lots of luck and happiness in their new home. We have been very fortunate to get to know them and be part of the journey to and the birth of their sweet girl. Thank you, Shelly, for sharing so much of yourself. Love you!

Anyway…trying not to be too sappy. :)

In other news, I may have located a place in Olympia that does letterpress workshops and you can rent time on their machines. I just sent off an email to see if they are still doing that and find out how I can participate. That would be SO AWESOME. I’ll keep you posted.

We’ll be spending most of the weekend finishing up the LAST ROOM IN THE REMODEL. Yes, you heard me. I can hardly contain my excitement! We’re trying to wrap it up before Dave’s Dad comes to visit in a couple weeks. Really looking forward to seeing him (I adore him!) and showing him all the work we’ve done since he was up last. Plus when we get that room done, we can set the office up, which includes all my craft stuff. Very cool. Maybe I’ll actually get to make stuff pretty soon!

So thankful that scooter weather is finally upon us. Yay summer!

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