Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello again

Well, I decided to keep this blog up and see how it goes. I probably won't be posting very often - at least not for a while. I've taken down a lot of the more personal posts and won't be blogging about that anymore.

So...Moving on! We've been super busy getting moved into the house, which ended up happening the same weekend I had gallbladder surgery. Yuck! But Dave has been a trooper and did ALL.THE.WORK. while I recovered (thanks, honey!). We are almost settled and looking forward to having a little more free-time.

We got a duck! Her name is Bebe and she was rescued by our friend, Missy. She had been attacked my something and was in shock when Missy found her. The vet thinks she will make a full recovery and we are really hopeful that will be the case. She is getting really strong and could start walking again anytime! She's such a sweetie and the dogs get along with her really well. I posted a couple photos on Flickr if you are interested. :)

We are enjoying some lovely, warm weather and so glad summer is almost here!


  1. "We got a duck,"

    I wasn't expecting that! :-)

    Glad to see you back ;-)

    Write more about your gallbladder surgery. My wife's gonna need as much information as possible.

  2. Welcome back!

    I missed your pretty face!

    A duck huh?

  3. Glad Bebe is doing so well...she looks worlds better than she did with puncture wounds! Thanks for taking such good care of her....Do I see a future of you and me and piles of rescued animals???

  4. She looks so much better without puncture wounds in her wittle neck! Do I see a future of animal rescue for you and me???

  5. Hello Lea,

    You've got duck but i have a couple of hempsters last weekend. They are adorable. I got these after the other one named "awani" went missing overnight for god knows where it is now. You acan see the missing one at http://shukoryahya.blogspot.com.

    May your duck lays some golden eggs for you soon.