Thursday, July 17, 2008

new curtains + a gift

I wanted to have some pretty curtains for our new workroom since we'll be spending a lot of time in there. Once I saw this Amy Butler fabric, I knew it was the one! The blue almost matches our walls, and this is my current color combination obsession. Here's the first set - I still have one window to go.


My father-in-law sent me the sweetest gift this week (along with the sweetest note). It's a child's place setting! I think it must have been David's or one of his siblings. He sent it for our future (hopefully not too distant) children. He has been so kind to me, I am blessed to have in-laws that I truly adore. Lucky girl.


  1. All I keep thinking is "awwww"... first for your sweet husband and the beautiful flowers (wowee those roses are gorgeous), and then for the adorable curtains (looove the fabric), and THEN for the sweetest gift from your father in law (so precious). Lots of goodness!