Wednesday, July 9, 2008

travel journal

When we went to New York, I wanted to have something to document our trip and a place to store photos and goodies after we got back. But I didn't want to take a bunch of supplies to make it on the spot - who has time for that? So, I made this little book ahead of time and only took a few things: pen, date stamp/ink pad, hole punch and adhesive. It worked really well for us.

The cover (above) was made with a cut-up transparency, chipboard cover, pencil crayons and a few stickers. Then I took a bunch of paper scraps I had laying around and cut them to the same height - I didn't mind if they were different sizes, or if they stuck out the side.

I created a photo collage in Photoshop and printed it on photo paper before adhering to the journal pages.

My husband documented most of the trip in writing and I took photos that were added later.

This vellum envelope fit perfectly with the journal size (recycled from a card a friend gave us). We used it to hold tickets, business cards for stores we liked, the place holder from my brother's wedding, etc.

An easy project that made it our most well documented trip yet!

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