Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's hot.

My goodness. Yesterday was 104. I know in some parts of the world, it gets hotter than that, but not here. That's really, really hot. Most people don't have a/c in this area. Mostly because it never. gets. that. hot. here.

We've been trying various ways to stay cool. Cold showers, dips in the kiddie pool, sleeping in the tent, squirt bottles, shade, fans, etc. It's fun I tell ya! Fortuntely both of us have a/c at work, but then we come home and spend the entire evening trying to cool off. And the poor dogs! We toss them in the kiddie pool a couple times a day. They hate it, but it works.

It's supposed to start cooling down over the next week, I guess. I think today should be around 98. Still hot, but better than 104!


  1. Oh no! That sucks. I hate heat. We've been spared (so far) this summer, though the humidity has been fabulous.

  2. Isn't it crazy! It's become a full-time job to survive the heat. At least we can thank god we don't have humidity....