Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting ready

We turned our paperwork into DSHS a few weeks ago to get our foster parent license. Thanks to the speedy responses from all of our references (THANK YOU!) we are now waiting to get the call from our licensor to begin the homestudy process! Eeek!

Our intent is to foster infants and possibly toddlers that may become available for adoption. We are prepared for a rollercoaster ride as many of the little ones are (rightfully) reunited with their birthparent(s). But until then, we will be caring for the little sweet peas.

So, right now we are frantically trying to get ready for the homestudy, which means get ready to have a baby in the house. Not an easy task when you only have a couple weeks! We'll be doing some garage sales and shopping at 2nd hand stores. But...I'm trying to put together a list of must-have items for children under a year old.

For those of you that have/had little ones, do you have any suggestions, or things you couldn't live without?


  1. Wow, this is really happening, isn't it? I think you are both wonderful (and brave) to take this step. I wish you all the luck in the word.

    Keep us updated...

  2. Nice one! can't help you with the questions (obviously) but great how it is all moving forward.

  3. No advice yet, just general luck and good wishes, hurrah! Someone I worked with in the spring adopted both her kids from foster care here.
    I've been told the main things I need are a place for baby to sleep and a place to change diapers. People say it grows from there, but those are the main, early needs.

  4. Here are the things we have loved. It may be tricky because you don't know what ages you will be getting, but here we go...

    Our kiddopotamus "swaddler" which you use to swaddle a baby, complete with velcro so she can't undo it. Pinecone definitely sleeps better when wearing it.

    If a baby is sleeping with you, then a "sleep positioner" - we call it the bumper, which provides a cozy spot for baby with no risk of rolling onto her, and keeps her on her back. I think a little baby in a crib would like it too.

    We are hoping to get a vibrating baby seat to entertain/soothe her when she wants to be held all the time and we need to put her down. I don't have one yet, but everyone loves them.

    A babywearing device of some sort. We have 4! A moby wrap, new native sling, baby bjorn, and ergo. Great for walks and housework.

    A portable place for baby to sleep in your main living area. We have a bassinette and that works great. She is with us even when taking one of her many naps. She only goes up to the bedroom when we go to sleep.

    Target diapers are cheap and work good for us. For a small amount of $, you could get a pack of several sizes so you have some on hand.

    And of course, a changing table and car seat. Find your changing table on Craig's list.

    Anyway, how exciting and wonderful for you! I wish you 2 the best with this new phase of your journey.

  5. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Evergreen, I've been looking at those kiddopotamus' and they look awesome! Thanks for the great suggestions. :)