Wednesday, January 16, 2008


365/16, originally uploaded by eklektic*photos.

On day 16 of my photo-a-day project. Some days have been a little hurried, but I'm trying to slow down a bit and learn something about my camera during this process. It should be fun. I like the idea of seeing the seasons change throughout the year.

I'm trying to slow down in other ways too. Life just moves too darn quick! A couple sites I've found interesting while researching this idea of slowing down, are Zen Habits and I especially like their motto - multi-tasking is a moral weakness. Some great concepts on both of those sites.

So, I'm trying to EMBRACE the speed of life by taking the time to enjoy it. I think this photo-a-day thing may help me a little too. Allowing me to focus on the beauty of everyday moments. What a gift.


  1. Great photo! And I think you're going to have to help remind the rest of us to slow down too. :)

  2. you have a good eye for design elements, balance and color...must have gotten it from your dad's side..hehe...momma