Thursday, March 27, 2008

things to try once

1. Ride scooter when snowing...check. (don't recommend this one)

2. Eat breakfast in the kitchen of the house you live in...check. Hopefully this will be a "more than once" occasion.

That's right, folks. It snowed yesterday (and today). And unfortunately for me, I had decided to ride my scooter to work. It was snowing like crazy on the way home. I made it OK. But my fingers were FROZEN. It took me 5 minutes to warm them up enough to find my keys in my purse. I stood outside the front door blowing on them while the dogs were going crazy. Pretty that I'm warm.

But the BIG news is: we finished the sink, faucet & dishwasher last night. And we officially have a working kitchen. We broke it in this morning over coffee and cereal. I actually WASHED DISHES. It was fabulous. No, really, it was.

So, go Team Finnell. We are almost there, baby.

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