Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's next?

That's what I'm wondering today. Yesterday turned out to be a strange day indeed. On the high of the election I thought I would have a great day, but life has a way of balancing out the good with the bad I guess. Here's the list, so far (please let this be it!):

* A dear friend of the family was told she has cancer and is to start Chemo immediately. My thoughts are with you L.

* Dave's neice was layed off. What a time to be looking for a job! I have my finger's crossed for her.

* And just before bed, a call from the same neice that her mom, my SIL, is in the emergency room and has to have surgery today on her finger. Apparently, her dog bit it while playing. Not sure of all the details yet.

For the love of &*%@!. Can't I just have ONE GOOD DAY?


  1. OMG. What a list. We'll be sending positive thoughts your way and to all the folks on your list! HUGS

  2. They say these things come in threes. So hoping that is it.

  3. Shelly, thanks for the positive thoughts. Always appreciated. :)

    WFI, I do hope that holds true here. BTW, you must hate all my exclamation marks. :) Ever since reading that on your blog, I'm painfully aware of all the times I use them. It's a lot! (see)