Monday, November 3, 2008


Please. And thank you.


  1. Lea, thanks for visiting my blog. Did you ever go by the name "fertility challenged"? Just wondering, since she (f.c.) was from Tumwater and posted on my blog, but I can't find her. Thought it might be you...??? I live in the foothills SE of you.

    And yes, I voted by mail.

  2. Hi! Yes, I had an anonymous name for a short time, but decided that wasn't for me and "came out" recently. I've been keeping up on your story and love seeing the photos from around your home. Looks familiar! ;)

  3. Well, yay, I'm glad I found you! (or rather, you found me again) After you posted on my blog, I kept checking back on your name in case there was a blog link, so now I know where to find you. I am going the anonymous route for now.

    Good luck with your surgery. It must be scary, but hopefully a relief that your uterus will be a more welcoming place for your baby. And sad to see your tube go. That would be very tough.