Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How are you? I'm good thanks. :)

I've been busy with all kinds of things lately. Trying to keep my mind off of which cycle day it is (CD 8 if you were curious). We are remodeling a bathroom right now and I'm in the process of picking tile, fixtures, etc. I am terrible at this. There are just too many choices. We spent all day on Saturday looking at tile for the shower and I couldn't make up my mind. We already have the floor tile. We used it in our kitchen previously. The house was built in 1952, and in keeping with the era I was kind of thinking white subway tiles. What do you think? If you have any examples of tile showers that you love, please send them my way!

Then on Sunday morning our car stopped running. Dave had to replace the power steering pump. We ended up not being able to get all the parts we needed in town and had to order one of them. So, we were out of a car until last night. I'm so happy that my husband is uber-capable. It's reassuring to know that he can handle whatever comes our way.

Now we are just waiting for this weekend when we finish up our last two PRIDE Pre-Service classes for foster care. I have yet to really get started on the mountain of paperwork involved. It's pretty daunting. We still have a little time though. There is one more class we have to take for CPR/First-Aid. Then things like TB tests, fingerprinting and that paperwork. One step at a time!

I'm heading into the RE's office on Monday for my follicle check. Hoping for some good news. This cycle is going by pretty fast, for which I am grateful. Probably because we are so busy.


  1. Good luck with the follie check on Monday!! :)

    I think it's great that you are signing up for foster care. My BF's family have fostered babies for as long as I've known her, it's such a wonderful thing to do, and so rewarding!! After so many years of fostering, they ended up adopting a little asian girl who is now 7yo, but continue to foster babies.

    Also, we built our house a couple of years ago. Our floor tiles in the bathrooms are chocolate brown, and in the shower we used a rectangular shaped white tile, lying lengthways, with one narrow strip of mulicoloured brown mosaic tiles running from top to bottom near the corner of the shower... did that make any sense?? Anyways, it looks good. I really like the white shower tiles against the chocolate brown floor tiles. Good luck with your choices! :)

  2. I vote for subway tile. It's easy to install, looks very classic (would totally work in a mid-century style home), and is easy to clean. I was longing to do it in our home, but looks like we'll be putting it on the market before we get to that point. Maybe our next house...

    I'm eager to hear more about your Foster-to-Adopt adventures. I don't know why, but that would be my choice if we ever decide to pursue adoption later on.

    I hope all's well with your follies!

  3. It is good to be busy during a cycle, I think. You don't want to be stressed, but it's so nice to have something other than getting pregnant on your mind. The tile in your bathroom sounds great! For paperwork, I followed the advice in Adoption for Dummies, and made a folder with the list of what need to be done on the front. When I completed or got a document, I'd put it in the folder and check it off the list. Kept us organized, as well as made me realize that we were making some progress.

  4. I'm really interested to know how the foster care stuff is going.

    Good luck on Monday though.